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How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

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Red eye flights are used to describe any sort of flights which leave late in the evening and arrive early in the morning. Most people don't sleep well on planes, hence the name ' red eye flights '. A lot of people think that red eye flights are going to be better deals because of the inconvenient travel time. However, this is not always true. If you're looking to travel cheaply, there are more factors to consider than merely the time of the flight.


While it's true that red eye flights can offer good value, they are terribly inconvenient and can mess with your body's internal clock and put you out of whack for a few days. Especially if you don't manage to sleep on the plane. In this short article I'm going to discuss more about what red eye flights are and why they happen. If you're interested in that please keep reading, but if what you really want is to get the cheapest flights around, you'd best skip on over to one of the above guides asap!


One of the main reasons why airlines offer these late flights is to boost their profitability. Airlines pay very high fees to airports, so by operating more flights around the clock they are literally getting more value for their money.

The fees airlines pay to airports cover services like ground staff, terminal facilities as well as the actual space they are renting for their planes and equipment. On an average day most airports have flights taking off and landing back-to-back. There is literally only a certain number of flights any one airline can schedule because only one plane can take off or land at once. Even in airports with multiple runways, it's still only one plane per runway. This is exactly why airlines schedule red eye flights. If they can get enough passengers to make it profitable they can put on as many of these red eye flights as they want. There's a fine line between paid seats and profitability, so you might find that there aren't as many of these flights as there could be. The airlines have to make sure they keep the demand high with a restrictive flight schedule to keep the planes full.

Red eye flights are also good for airlines in terms of the freight cartage. Courier companies and shipping companies pay a high price for overnight shipping. The airlines can make additional money off the shipping and passenger services on these flights.

Cheap Deals

Because these flights are not in as high demand as the peak hour flights, you'll find that you could get some quite good deals on red eye flights. The airlines like to book these flights out as far in advance as they can and they are willing to offer cheaper tickets in order to achieve this. Do your due diligence and you'll be amazed at what you can get. If you want to travel business class to get a better sleep a good website to check out is Flight Bliss has a free email newsletter which you can subscribe to which will notify you of the best business class deals around on all airlines worldwide. This includes non red eye flight tickets as well.

Red Eye Flights

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