How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

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This page is all about the best time to book flights. I'll also touch on the cheapest days to fly and talk about some other tricks you might not know about regarding when to buy airline tickets. However, at this stage I must tell you that if you're really interested in learning how to get cheap airline tickets you should visit my home page and download one of the guides of airfare secrets. I used to work for the airlines until they fired me! I know how to scam, cheat and rip off the system and I've written a guide to show everyone how to do it.

The Best Time To Book Flights

The best time to book flights is just after 6 o'clock in the evening on Tuesday on the exact day that the flight schedules are released by the airlines. Getting the tickets as soon as possible is still the best way to get the cheapest airfares.

Don't fall into believing that standby flights and red eye flights offer you cheaper deals, they don't! The only thing you have to find out is when the airlines release their flight bookings to the public.

Over the last few years airlines have been releasing these schedules earlier and earlier to try to get more bookings and offer early bird specials to customers who book in advance. So, if you really want to get a cheap flight this way, you should really be looking at booking your flights anywhere from 6 months to a year ahead of time.

Business Class

The best time to book flights on business class if you want to pay for them is during the least busiest times for business class travelers. Demand will be lower and you'll be able to access cheaper deals. These are usually on days during the week and at times in the middle of the day. Business class travelers travel mostly in the mornings and early evening, so avoid these times to get yourself a better price.

The holidays are also a good time to get insanely cheap flights in business as the demand will also be slow. If you want to try and get an upgrade to business class the best time to book flights is also during the least busy times, as mentioned above.

Flights just after 9am are a good choice because most of the business class seats will be empty because most business class travelers fly early to get to their destination before 9 o'clock, however the economy cabin will still be full with other passengers. When you check in, ask if there is any chance of an upgrade and you never know your luck.

Bing Tool

Bing Travel has a handy tool which lets you know exactly when the best time to book flights will occur. You can simply enter in your intended travel details, including the date, time and number of passengers and do a search.

They have an integrated price prediction technology which gives you an estimated dollar saving amount along with an estimated confidence level of your chances of getting this saving. This service is free and you can do as many searches as you like.

Best Time To Book Flights

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