How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

How To Get Cheap Airline Tickets

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My name is Neville Pettersson and I’m passionate about travelling. I’ve created this site to help people find good info.

I’m just a regular guy with 2 kids who knows how to make websites. Hopefully you find this one helpful. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


Airline Trickets Review

Nowadays, the hiking prices of the airfare system pose as a great obscurity to passengers all around the globe. Following the wisdom of 'a penny saved is a penny earned', the writer of this guide aims to monetarily aid the public. On panning a family vacation, the gratification is doubled if you have to pay less and enjoy more. Even if the overall price falls to half of what they charge you, it is still a tremendous profit for the airlines.


Stefan Vandevelde was a meticulous pilot in an esteemed airline company. After handing out his resignation, he deliberately used his deep insider knowledge for cheap airfares to help the somnolent traveller. He has a constant stream of insider information via his colleagues who still serve the airlines. His schemes are entirely legal and can work with any airline around the world.

He believes that his guide is a worthy one time investment to save all that money that you will spend on your future flights. He promises a money back guarantee in case you do not find his guide helpful. He has not scripted this guide for revenge; he genuinely feels the need to help out the distressed traveller in this era of inflation.


Stefan dumbfounds his customers by telling them that the lowest price that the airlines can offer them is not even close to what they essentially deserve. People who have gained exposure to this secretive knowledge have spent next to nothing on any of their flights. He discloses tricks to getting free upgrades on hotels, car rentals and the carry on of excess baggage. He lectures the customers on how to beat the airlines at their own game by exploiting flaws in their system. This guide can even help you to get your money back after you have booked your flight. While booking a ticket online, a special search sequence can save you an iron-clad $500. He even exposes the darkest secret to getting frequent traveller points for free. He believes that travel guides are not a budgeted choice; they actually cut out a commission for themselves which further inflates the traveller's pockets.

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Stefan doesn't have any social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or other social websites. Although links that lead to his website can be found on Facebook.

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His website lays the contents of his guide out in an extravagant fashion. A copy of his guide can also be downloaded directly from the internet. He offers his guide for a discounted price for a limited time. Payment through credit cards and PayPal accounts is accepted.


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Airline Trickets



January 2003


Stefan Vandevelde

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